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Zephryanthes candida | Alba

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This lovely little plant always tends to burst into flower when rain is imminent hence the name Rain Lily.  These plants have pretty, showy delicate crocus-like flowers, in fact, people often mistake them for crocus. An evergreen plant that is clump forming.  Think of grape hyacinths as the foliage is very similar in look and colour.    Choose an area in full sun, some dappled shade or afternoon shade is tolerated particularly in hotter areas.  Whilst rain lilies can survive periods of drought, you won't see their flowers until a summer shower triggers the flowers to appear, or ensure they get enough moisture to prompt flowering.  

A group of rain lilies looks wonderful tucked in beside a rock or peeking out between other summer flowering plants.    Easy care they are hardy throughout the country to about minus 12 but elsewhere you may like to lift these bulbs and replant again in spring or pop into a pot and put it somewhere away from the elements.

Flowering occurs from mid to late December and carries on right through until around about April. Clumps can be easily split in autumn or early spring and should be divided every few years to ensure they continue to flower strongly.

Height 20cm x clumping

Perennial | Hardy

Plant Size: PB2 - Equivalent 1.2 litres

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