Puriri Lane | Deadheaders
Puriri Lane | Deadheaders
Puriri Lane | Deadheaders


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Replicated from Japanese scissors, the these mini snips offer a very precise and neat cut for your plants and are fantastic for pinching back plants in the plastic house with their fine pointed ends or they can be used to tidy up your plants, cut faded flowers and leaves from your garden and pots and for effortlessly snipping fruits and veggies. Also great to harvesting your herbs,

They are light and easy to use as they fit in one hand and can be used with a simple press of the thumb, thanks to the action of the spring. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor garden maintenance
Regular deadheading promotes more flowers as well as longer flowering as well as improving the appearance and performance of your plants.

Every gardener needs some of these in their gardening tool belt

Length 10.5cm | Package in clear sheath

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