Puriri Lane | Echinops bannaticus | Blue Globe
Puriri Lane | Echinops bannaticus | Blue Globe

Echinops bannaticus | Blue Globe

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Echinops or 'Globe Thistle' is a hardy perennial that was developed for the cut flower trade but is also a fantastic structural and non-demanding plant for the border. A perennial has jaggedy-divided, prickly dark green leaves which are whitish beneath and then the striking flower stems that are produced around February through to autumn carry prickly blue balls that start to flower from the top down.  An excellent cut flower for the vase or they can also be dried for winter decoration.

The key to success with this plant is drainage and you will see from the plants in our garden that we have them in a gravelled area which results in excellent results.  We have tried these in areas that do not have gravel but the plants tend to be quite small so mixing gravel in with your soil when planting can be beneficial.  The plants grow to around 90cm to 1.2m with flower stems with a spread of about 70cm so they are best situated mid to back of your border.  The form of these plants looks excellent placed with other softer flowers.  Plants can be trimmed to the ground in late autumn or can be left for winter interest.  As you would expect they are hardy as well as being drought tolerant once established as well as being resistant to pests and diseases.

A fabulous plant that is also attractive to bees and butterflies.  Watching the bees on these flowers is amazing as they literally work their way over the whole globe-shaped flower gathering nectar.  Removing flowers will encourage repeat flowering...what's not to love about this fantastic plant!

Height up to 1.2m with flower stems x 70cm wide

Perennial | Hardy 

Plant size: PB2 - Equivalent 1.2 litres

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