Puriri Lane | Verbena bonariensis
Puriri Lane | Verbena bonariensis
Puriri Lane | Verbena bonariensis

Verbena bonariensis

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Also known as purple top Vervain, Verbena bonariensis is such a versatile plant that works in just so well around the garden as a "filler".  It is a dramatic tall plant with long stems with clouds of small purple flowers.  It is perennial in warm climates and an annual in colder areas, so whatever happens with regard to where you are climate-wise, it will self sow so you will always have this lovely plant with its volunteer seedlings popping up around the garden that also makes an excellent cut flower.

It performs best in moist but well-draining soil.  Whilst it is actually quite drought tolerant once established, it does perform best with regular watering.  Whilst it is tall in stature the plants do not need staking.

We have never seen verbena bonariensis look out of place. It really shines when used in a mixed border or cottage garden and allowed to grow between and through other plants. It looks stunning when planted alone in large swaths, where it makes a haze of purple. It makes a great, long-blooming plant for the edge of ponds or streams.

Planting it close to yellow flowers or foliage allows the colour of the flowers to stand out. It mixes equally well with other airy, cottage flowers, like Cosmos as it does with bolder forms, like Hostas and Sedums all of which we have available for sale dependant upon the season.

Loved by bees

Height 1.8m x 90cm Wide

Plant size: PB2 | Equivalent 1.2 litres

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